We are pleased to announce all the Day of Recollection for the coming year, and the name of the presenters.

Each Day of Recollection will begin with Coffee and a snack at 9:30, include two sessions, Mass and lunch, and conclude by 2:15pm.  The suggested offering for the day is $25.

Jan. 4   Pope Francis, Love in the Family: Amoris Laetitia;  Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

Feb. 1   Pope Francis, Divorce and Remarriage, an Expanded Pastoral Vision:  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Mar. 1   Pope Francis, A Response to Homosexuality in the Church Today; Amoris Laetitia


Mar. 6   Ash Wednesday – The Road to Mercy; Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

Mar. 13   2nd Sunday Readings:  Where Has God Brought Us In Our Lives?  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Mar. 20   3rd Sunday Readings:  What If We Don’t Repent?  Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

Mar. 27   4th Sunday Readings:  Am I Part of the Old Way or the New Way?  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Apr. 3    5th Sunday Readings:  What Happens When a Sacred Covenant is Broken?  Fr. Paul Botenhagen, OFM

Apr. 10    Passion Sunday:  Liturgies of Holy Week: Meaning and Symbols.  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

May 3   Are We Really hungry Enough?  Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM


Sept. 6   Pilgrimage: A Way of Life; Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Oct. 4   The Conversions of Francis & What Has Encouraged Me to Conversion?; Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Nov. 1   Who Are the Communion of Saints in My Life?; Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM


Dec. 4   Am I Ready for God to Do Something New and Different in My Life?; Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Dec. 11   Prophets are Necessary but They Are A Real Pain; Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Dec. 18   God Speaks in Dreams: How Does God Speak to Me?; Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM