Men’s Annual 72nd Retreat – January 17-19, 2020

Retreat Director: Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Being a Man of Faith Today. It’s Not Easy!

 A weekend with men of faith to explore the stirring of God in our lives.  Where and how is God present today?  How does my faith give me hope in time of crisis? What does it take to become more in tune with God's loving presence.

  • $240 per person (double occupancy)
  • $290 per person (single occupancy)
  • $130 per person (commuter rate)

Father Jim Nisbet 39th Annual Scripture Retreat – August 9-11, 2019

Join Fr. Jim as he continues the journey through the Scriptures. It is a time of prayer, study and fellowship, open to all.

/registration begin at 2pm, with dinner at 6:30 pm.

Advanced Registration Required. Click the button below.

$25 non-refundable deposit per person

  • $240 Per Person, Shared Room
  • $300 Single Occupancy, Private Room, Limited Space
  • $130 for Commuters

Serenity Sisters Al-Anon Retreat – June 28-30, 2019

Every woman is welcome, no matter what affiliation!

Timeframe: Dinner on Friday to Lunch on Sunday

  • $285.00 per person, shared occupancy
  • $325.00, single occupancy

Retreat Includes:
  • Meetings
  • Creative Space
  • Easy Does It time
  • Writing
  • Sharing
  • Recharging your spirit
Kim Herndon

Dietary Requests/Registration (with a check payable to):
Kim Herndon
3080-7 Crumpton Lane
Marina, CA 93933

Deadline to Register:
May 31st, 2019

**Register directly with group and information above not through the St. Francis Retreat Center, please.**

2019 Days of Recollection

We are pleased to announce all the Day of Recollection for the coming year, and the name of the presenters.

Each Day of Recollection will begin with Coffee and a snack at 9:30, include two sessions, Mass and lunch, and conclude by 2:15pm.  The suggested offering for the day is $25.

Jan. 4   Pope Francis, Love in the Family: Amoris Laetitia;  Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

Feb. 1   Pope Francis, Divorce and Remarriage, an Expanded Pastoral Vision:  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Mar. 1   Pope Francis, A Response to Homosexuality in the Church Today; Amoris Laetitia


Mar. 6   Ash Wednesday - The Road to Mercy; Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

Mar. 13   2nd Sunday Readings:  Where Has God Brought Us In Our Lives?  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Mar. 20   3rd Sunday Readings:  What If We Don't Repent?  Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

Mar. 27   4th Sunday Readings:  Am I Part of the Old Way or the New Way?  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Apr. 3    5th Sunday Readings:  What Happens When a Sacred Covenant is Broken?  Fr. Paul Botenhagen, OFM

Apr. 10    Passion Sunday:  Liturgies of Holy Week: Meaning and Symbols.  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

May 3   Are We Really hungry Enough?  Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM


Sept. 6   Pilgrimage: A Way of Life; Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Oct. 4   The Conversions of Francis & What Has Encouraged Me to Conversion?; Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Nov. 1   Who Are the Communion of Saints in My Life?; Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM


Dec. 4   Am I Ready for God to Do Something New and Different in My Life?; Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Dec. 11   Prophets are Necessary but They Are A Real Pain; Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Dec. 18   God Speaks in Dreams: How Does God Speak to Me?; Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

71st Annual Men’s Retreat – January 18-20, 2019

Director: Fr. Bobby Barbato, OFM Cap

See, Daily He Humbles Himself:
St. Francis and the Eucharist

St. Francis of Assisi is known for his love of the poor and all of God's creatures. The basis of his spiritual life, however, was the sacrament of the holy Eucharist. In this retreat we will reflect on the ways Francis urges us to celebrate this sacra-ment with devotion to help us live a Christian life in the midst of our busy lives, that we may never forget to thank God daily for His tremendous love.

  • $240 per person (double occupancy)
  • $290 per person (double occupancy)
  • $130 per person (commuter rate)

La Virgen, a Women’s Spirituality Retreat – December 14-16, 2018

Presenter Rosa Apodaca & El Teatro Campesino

Explore the mystery of Our Lady of Guadalupe, La Nuestra Virgen de Tepeyac. The weekend experience will include attending a presentation of the play “La Virgin de Tepeyac” at Old Mission San Juan Bautista. The musical play recounts the apparitions of Mary to Juan Diego. This El Teatro Campesino production is well acclaimed.

Rosa is a veteran El Teatro Campesino and has performed in this production.

  • $290.00 per person (single occupancy)
  • $240.00 per person (double occupancy)
  • $130 per person (commuter rate)

2018 Days of Recollection

Each Day of Recollection will begin with Coffee and a snack at 9:30, include two sessions, Mass and lunch, and conclude by 2:15pm.  The suggested offering for the day is $25.

Sept. 7  Pope Francis, Call for the Church Today: The Joy of the Gospel; Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Oct. 5    Pope Francis, The Holiness of Creation:  Laudato Si;  Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

Nov. 2   Pope Francis, Becoming Holy:  Gaudete et Exulate;  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM


Dec. 5   Am I Strong & Brave Enough For the End?  Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

Dec. 12  Pope Francis and Mary;  Fr. Ken Laverone OFM

Dec. 19  Why Should I Rejoice and Be Glad?  Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM

Vaquero Heritage Days, August 17–19, 2018

A fundraising event for St. Francis Retreat.

Event details & tickets visit:

Visit Website

For Retreat overnight lodging call 831.623.4234.

38th Annual Scripture Retreat – August 10 – 12, 2018

Father Jim Nisbet

Registration begins at 4pm with dinner at 6:30pm

  • $240.00 per person double occupancy
  • $300.00 per person single occupancy if space available (limited space)
  • $130.00 for commuters
$25.00 per person non-refundable deposit is required with registration to hold your space. Advanced registration required.

2018 Women’s Retreat – July 27-29, 2018

Love Changes Things
Presenters: Sister Claire Graham SSS & Sally Hite

This retreat is presented for women because so many women, especially those who are not wage earn-ers, still believe that the only thing they have to offer is their love. In this weekend we will explore the true power and value of Love.

Sr. Claire Graham is a Sister of Social Service. She currently works as a Spiritual Director and retreat facilitator in Sacramento. She is a popular storyteller, always reflecting the wisdom gained from her own life.


Sally Hite is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. She draws upon her spiritual beliefs and her life as a wife and mother, to help others who want to create a satisfying life of their own. She is an Associate of the Sisters of Social Service.