Ash Wednesday, February 14th
A Time of Conversion?
Fr. Ken Laverone OFM
What does conversion mean? What do I confer to or from? What do ashes mean as we begin the Lenten journey?

Wednesday, February 21st
Am I Brave Enough To Enter Into The Dessert?
Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM
The dessert can be a frightening place. Am I willing to go into the dessert of my heart to confront the temptations in my life during this Lenten season.

Wednesday, February 28th
Could it be Possible That I Am Beloved?
Fr. Ken Laverone OFM
For the second time, it is announced to Jesus and others that Jesus is beloved Son of God? How many times do we need to hear that we too are the beloved before we really believe it? Could it be Possible That I Am Beloved?

Wednesday, March 7th
Do I see the signs of the presences of Jesus?
Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM
What are the signs that I see is justified anger a sign of Jesus? When have I felt guilty about my anger? When has anger been properly expressed?

Wednesday, March 14th
Do I prefer Darkness Rather Than the Light
Fr. Ken Laverone OFM
Is the light too bright for me to see? What does it mean for me to be in the presence of the light? Am I willing during this time of Lent to move toward the l light to see clearly?

Wednesday, March 21st
Do I really want to see?
Fr. Paul Botenhagen OFM
What might have Nicodemus seen to follow Jesus? What do I need to see to believe and lie as a disciple of Jesus? What are the risks I need to take to follow Jesus? Am I willing to accept those risks?

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